The SFC is committed to ensuring the safety of information submitted using the SFC Online Portal (the "Portal"). To strengthen the security, we have produced a short guideline for you as reference on what additional measures you can do to further protect your information from risks.

When using the Portal, you should:
avoid accessing the Portal with public computers, e.g. in cyber cafes.
avoid accessing the Portal by clicking links shown on third parties website, always access the Portal via the SFC website.
delete the temporary Internet files downloaded from the Portal after usage.
enable auto-update feature on your computer to enable latest update is installed for the operating system (e.g. Windows).
install PC protection software (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall) and enable real-time detection of new viruses, spyware and intrusions on your computer. Also, enable the auto-update feature to obtain the latest virus and spyware definition files.

For Portal users with our authorized username and password for Licensing related matters, you should:
never disclose your password to anyone.
choose passwords that are difficult to guess by anyone but easy for yourself to remember.
do not write down your password and change the password at regular basis.
log off after use, clear your browser’s history and close the window to ensure your personal information is properly removed.
report to the SFC immediately if you suspect your password has been compromised.

For Portal users of Short Position Reporting service, you should:
keep the assigned Short Position Reporting ID (“SPRID”) to yourself and your authorized agents only.
report to the SFC immediately if you suspect your SPRID has been compromised.